Alexander College

Alexander College has a long-standing history of educational excellence and this is owed, in no small part, to our established UK connections and collaborations with accredited UK Universities and awarding bodies. Initially, since its inception in 1991, Alexander was formed as an educational Institute in Larnaca with the main objective of offering vocational education to students wishing to enter the design and print industry.

By 2001, partnerships with various UK Universities were in place and since then, many new courses were introduced at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels including the ever-popular Law, Design, and Business-related courses. Shortly after, Alexander expanded to a second location in Paphos, making Business, Law and Accounting franchised UK degree courses accessible to students living on the other side of the island.

As their “vision is to become the industry’s leading professional educational hub through the provision of specialized courses designed to advance the applied knowledge and practical skills of professionals”

They encourage courtesy, consideration, and teamwork, they value academic freedom, seek equality of opportunity, and provide for students with specific needs. They value students’ involvement in decision making at all levels of study and support and guide students to make the most of the learning opportunities provided and work together to improve the quality of the environment.